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Why Global Blockchain Consulting?

About Us

Blockchain has the potential to drive profound, positive change to many aspects of how businesses and economies work and even how societies are organised. We provide our clients with a complete view of the blockchain technology and full range of services. We are working closely with leaders from across a broad range of industries, governments, consortia, the academic community and our key technology alliances to move technology forward. 


Our global network works with you to understand the technology, build blockchain strategies, identify effective use-cases, design, develop and implement the blockchain solutions and measure the impact of the technology. Together we enable you to differentiate you business by embracing blockchain technology to drive business transformation.

Global Reach

We have global network of blockchain consultants, blockchain developers, business leaders in various industries, governments, legal regulations, consortia  the academic communities and key technology alliances to provide the right services.

Various Industries 

We understand how blockchain can revolutionise a broad range of industries – governments, real estate, financial institutes, healthcare, education, energy, entertainment and media, and consumer markets. We drive business transformation by aligning all three critical areas of our business, experience, and technology resources.

Rich Experience

We have involved in over 20 blockchain projects in Asia, Middle East, Europe and America from private blockchain in governments and financial services to public blockchain ICO/STO in real estate, crypto exchange and digital marketing.

Full Services

We provide full range of services including blockchain training, consulting, solutioning, recruiting, marketing and networking to enable the blockchain technology can be understood and deployed wisely and widely.

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